DIY – Herbal Vegan Lip Balm Recipe

These are so quick and easy to make, but require patience and some planning.  This simple recipe can be modified with different herbs, oils, butters and wax if these aren’t available to you locally. But, I prefer solar-infusing* wildharvested herbs into organic oils and butters, based on the season and their supporting properties.

In addition to having the right herbs and containers on hand, adequate measuring tools are essential. I use a small postage-style scale to weigh ingredients and fill compostable or reusable containers whenever possible to prevent further waste.

Here’s a rather unglorious picture of my kitchen with some various projects happening at the same time (window, stove, counters, etc.):

kitchen for lip balm recipe blog

Gentle and Unscented Lip Balm­ makes 5.2 oz product (to fill lip balm tubes or tins)

1 oz candellila wax or double beeswax

1.5 oz shea butter, organic

1.5 oz coconut oil infused with calendula flowers (solar process), organic

0.3 fl. oz olive oil infused with st. johns wort flowers (hot process), organic

0.3 fl oz Jojoba Oil infused with yarrow, organic

0.2 fl. oz Vitamin E, organic


Tips: Melt waxes and butters in a double boiler, adding oils at the end and checking consistency with a frozen spoon.  Pour by hand, keeping a couple extra containers on hand for overstock.


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